Members’ Chemistry in ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’

Jinny’s Kitchen
Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

tvN’s Jinny’s Kitchen will showcase a delicious combination of three different “chemistry” between the cast.

Jinny’s Kitchen, the spin-off Youn’s Kitchen, is the new food variety show where  Lee Seo Jin, who acted as the director in Youn’s Kitchen, got promoted to the boss of the new fast food restaurant. 

With “the boss” Lee Seo Jin in the center, the show completed an impressive cast lineup including Director Jung Yu Mi, General Manager Park Seo Joon, and Interns Choi Woo Shik and BTS’ V. In addition to the K-fast food like gimbap, ramyeon, and tteokbokki, the intriguing chemistry between the members heighten expectations.

Performance-Oriented Boss Lee Seo Jin vs. Ambitious Employees
Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

The teaser shows members complaining about Lee Seo Jin and how he changed after he became the boss, and Lee Seo Jin’s dimples “deepened” whenever the sales were up. According to the production team, Lee Seo Jin stuck to his “profit is the king” philosophy. Clearly, the apparent change in attitude has stunned the employees. Lee Seo Jin, who’ll show diverse charms like in Jekyll and Hyde, and the “employee Avengers” who dreams of becoming the second Lee Seo Jin with skills they picked up in Jinny’s Kitchen will spice up the show.

Who’s the Boss’ Right Arm?
Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

Now that Lee Seo Jin is the new boss, who’ll be his right arm? There is Jung Yu Mi, the director in charge of gimbap. There’s no exaggeration in saying that she dominated the kitchen with her unrivaled cooking skills and that many of the profits are from her. But she has a rival – Park Seo Joon, who started as the youngest in Youn’s Kitchen and got promoted to manager in Youn’s Stay and general manager in Jinny’s Kitchen. Considering his skills and the fact that he’s been working closely with Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Joon is another strong candidate to be the boss’ right arm.

The Dynamic Interns
Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

The two interns – Choi Woo Shik and BTS’ V – are certainly ready to put a smile on your face. Choi Woo Shik, who turned into an all-around assistant in Youn’s Stay, will be adding the restaurant’s promotion to his task. Lastly, BTS’ V, the new addition to the show, will be showing an impressive performance as an intern. Will the singer, who’s captivated the world with his charms, be able to dazzle the taste buds of people in Bacalar? Stay tuned for the performances of these two dynamic interns. 

Meanwhile, Jinny’s Kitchen will premiere on the 24th. The new “The Game Caterers” episode of Jinny’s Kitchen, to be released later today, will give a glimpse into the cast’s chemistry. You can check it out on 15Ya- Full Moon channel on YouTube.

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