‘Physical: 100’ Episodes 7 & 8 Recap: 20 Surviving Contestants Before the Final Mission

physical 100 recap
physical 100 recap
Credit: Netflix

Netflix original show Physical: 100 revealed the fourth quest right before the final mission with 20 people who survived the 1.5-ton ship-pulling quest in episodes 7 and 8.

Physical: 100 is an extreme survival game show with 100 people in top physical shape competing in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor of having the “best body” and cash reward. The show, which has captivated global viewers with unpredictable results and intense survival games, recorded 41,610,000 viewing hours between February 6th and February 12th, ranking first on Global Top 10 TV Shows (Non-English) and within the Top 10 in 78 continues.

First, episode 7 started with the joint team of Jang Eun Sil and Kim Sang Wook participating in the 1.5-ton ship-pulling match despite being believed to be the weakest team by all the other contestants. The weight of the ship, including the weight of the oak barrel loaded beforehand, was close to 2 tons. But as Shim Eu-ddeum said, “I almost gave up, but I couldn’t,” the teammates poured in their heart and soul to pull the ship forward little by little, arriving at the anchorage second. Other contestants said, “I was at the limit of my strength and stamina,” giving a glimpse into how tough the quest was, amplifying curiosity about the team that was eliminated in a matter of 2 minutes.

physical 100 recap
Credit: Netflix

Episode 8 revealed the fourth quest, the final gateway to the final. Inspired by ancient mythology, the fourth quest is conducted as a team delegate match that allows only five people to move on to the final quest. The match consists of five games, and one delegate for each team enters each game. The five games are as follow – “The Punishment of Atlas” where contestants must hold up a large rock; “The Fire of Prometheus” where contestants repeat an obstacle course to obtain a torch; “The Wing of Icarus” where contestants have to repeat climbing up the rope; “The Punishment of Sisyphus” where contestants must roll a 100-kg boulder up a hill and repeat it; and “The Tail of Ouroboros” where contestants must run to tag the person in front of them.

The 20 surviving contestants either got eliminated quickly or held out to become the last two survivors in the fourth quest that requires great endurance. Seeing the extreme-level games, the contestants enthusiastically cheered and encouraged each other regardless of the team and win or loss. Ma Seon Ho said, “It didn’t go as I wanted, but it felt like the pain disappeared seeing them cheer me on. That helped me focus more.”

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Source: Netflix

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