Disney’s ‘Blood Free’ Captivates Viewers: ‘Can’t Get Enough of it’, ‘The Acting Is Insane’

blood free review
blood free
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Disney Plus original series Blood Free is captivating viewers with its solid narrative and impressive performances from its star-studded cast, earning rave reviews since its release.

Korean media went wild with praise after Blood Free‘s first two episodes dropped on Wednesday, April 10th. TV Daily’s Cho Hana journalist called it a series with a “perfect cast and crew.” Sports Today’s Song Oh Jeong raved about the show’s thrilling story, while News 1’s Kim Min Ji highlighted the “engrossing introduction to a complex genre” and the actors’ captivating performances. Baek Su Jin of Chosun Ilbo applauded the “fresh mix of crime, detective work, and sci-fi,” and Hankook Ilbo’s Woo Da Bin noted how Han Hyo Joo and Ju Ji Hoon “masterfully set the mood with their acting.”

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The praise wasn’t limited to story and acting. Donga Ilbo’s Choi Ji Sun praised the unparalleled visual effects. News 1’s Kim Min Ji also highlighted Ju Ji Hoon’s “heart-stopping action,” and MBC Entertainment’s Jang Da Hee singled out the visual effects that “take the viewing experience to a whole new level.”

Viewers also responded to the drama with enthusiasm. Here are some of the comments from viewers: “This might be the most exciting drama I’ve ever seen”, “The story is wild! I can’t get enough of it”, “Obsessed! Can’t stop thinking about the show”, “Absolutely loving everything about this show!”, “Lee Soo Yeon’s dialogue is SO intense”, “Can’t stop watching! It’s just THAT good,” “Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo’s chemistry is off the charts!”, “The acting is insane! I’m totally sucked in and questioning everything right along with them.”

Blood Free is available exclusively on Disney Plus every Wednesday, and episodes 3 and 4 will be released on April 17th.

Source: Disney Plus

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