‘Physical: 100’: Viewers Love Choo Sung Hoon and Shin Dong Guk’s Admirable Sportsmanship

choo sung hoon physical 100
choo sung hoon physical 100
Credit: Netflix

Physical:100 star Shin Dong Guk is garnering attention for suggesting Choo Sung Hoon to fight against him according to the MMA rules. 

On February 1st, Netflix uploaded a video titled Choo Sung Hoon Goes Head to Head With a Junior MMA Fighter on its official YouTube Channel.

MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon was against firefighter Shin Dong Guk who used to be an MMA fighter. According to his profile, Shin debuted on the martial arts scene in 2017 at the age of 37.

The video shows the firefighter, who ranked 4th in the previous game, confidently saying, “I came on to prove my own strength, and I decided to fight the strongest person there,” as he picked MMA legend Choo Sung Hoon to fight. In response, Choo says, “I’m going against another MMA fighter in the very first round. As a fighter, I was very grateful. I think he chose well.”

The two then were seen going on the stage for a one-on-one match where Shin politely suggested, “I’d like to fight you as an MMA fighter according to the MMA rules.” The cast cheered at his sudden proposal, and the 48 year-old legend accepted it.

After watching the video, viewers rushed to the comment section to write, “Salute to Shin Dong Guk for being an amazing sportsman,” “I have so much respect for the challenger. He’s so respectful and humble” and “It would’ve been much more thrilling if I’d been there in person.” 

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