‘Physical: 100’ Takes Netflix by Storm

physical 100
physical 100
Credit: Netflix

Physical: 100 ranked No.7 on Netflix’s global top 10 list in 33 countries. 

After hearing the good news, producer Jang Ho Ki remarked, “I once said that I would like to create a series that people on the other side of the globe would enjoy watching. I’m so surprised, glad and grateful that people love the show more than I expected. Physical: 100 has just begun. Viewers will get to enjoy more exciting content that was not included in the preview, so please stay tuned for more to come.”

Episode 3 showed Olympic gold medalist Yun Seongbin overpowering his opponent instantly after the game began. Professional wrestler Jang Eun Sil was also showered with applause and cheers as she held on to the ball in the game against a female special force agent.

MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and firefighter Shin Dong Guk were pitted against each other in a real mixed martial arts match, as former MMA fighter Dong Guk suggested that he would like to fight him as a fighter according to the MMA rules. 

Episode 4 showed the contestants crossing bridges and filling tubes with sand. 50 participants were divided into ten groups, each led by the leader they chose. The participants tried their best to create the strongest team by choosing the people they wanted in each group. The teams composed of the “unwanted” people were regarded as the weakest team. 

The episode ended with a cliffhanger ending without showing who survived the game and made viewers sweat in their hands.

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Source: Netflix

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