Fierce Competition and Fair Play of 100 People in Top Physical Shape in Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’

physical 100 recap
physical 100 recap
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has finally unveiled the first two episodes of its new survival show Physical: 100.

The first competition of this show, where 100 people in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor of having the “best body” and cash reward, was “hanging on the pole the longest.” The contestants who hung on the pole looking all confident panicked when the floor split open and thick smoke started rising from the gap.

While looking fearful as if they were participating in the “Squid Game,” the contestants hung on the pole for their own survival, providing a tense moment for viewers. The first episode ended with the last two surviving members of the “aerial battle,” making it impossible not to watch the second episode.

physical 100 recap
Credit: Netflix

Episode 2 began by showing the winner of the pole game and another game that followed, announcing the start of extreme survival in earnest. The first quest was “Steal the Ball” that took the deathmatch format, and the contestants were seen choosing their own component, creating tension.

Dancer Cha Hyun Seung and Farmer Kim Kyung Jin kicked off the quest. The contestants went all out to take the ball, and the most impressive thing about their competitions was how they went all out to take the ball during the game but shook hands with a smile when the time was up, showing what a fair play is.

Meanwhile, two episodes of Physical: 100 will be released every Tuesday on Netflix.

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Source: Netflix

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  • I was hooked until the one on one match between the gymnast and choreographer.. It’s confusing.. Why did the referee gave the balll to the gymnast?

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