Lee Je Hoon Says There Was No Question in Reprising His Role in ‘Taxi Driver 2’

lee je hoon taxi driver
lee je hoon taxi driver
Credit: SBS

Lee Je Hoon, who’s making his comeback in SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama Taxi Driver 2, revealed his love for the series in a written interview.

Recalling the time season 1 ended, he commented, “This show that was rather unconventional and was a new challenge (for us) aired new episodes every week, and when people talked about Taxi Driver, I could feel its popularity. I was thrilled to be able to give viewers a sense of excitement through solving episodes that are based on real events, and I was just grateful to have received so much love.”

The actor added that he couldn’t have imagined season 2 getting greenlighted. “There are so many bad people in this world that need to be taught a lesson, and there are so many incidents that we need to know about. I hoped that this story would continue because I hoped I could deliver messages through the drama and at the same time give them fun,” Lee Je Hoon shared. “Right after season 1 ended, there’s been a talk about season 2, and after a year and a half, we’re greeting the viewers again (with the new season), so I’m just grateful.”

lee je hoon taxi driver
Credit: SBS

“There was no question for me in starring in Taxi Driver 2. Frankly, I’d have been upset if they didn’t ask me to reprise the role,” he said with a laugh. “It’s such an honor to be appearing again in Taxi Driver, and I’m grateful that they gave me the role again. I’ve put a lot of effort into showing a better performance than in season 1,” he added, heightening expectations.

Lee Je Hoon then showed his gratitude for the teamwork of the five members of the “Rainbow Taxi.” He said, “We opened our chat room at the beginning of season 1, and we still chat there now. Now I feel like they’re my family. So I’m the happiest, laugh the most, and have the most ‘healing’ time when I’m shooting with the ‘Rainbow Taxi’ team. They’re such dependable, grateful people to me.”

Then what are the things to look for in Taxi Driver 2? Lee Je Hoon answered, “Not only will there be the thrilling revenge unique to our show but also lots of eye-catching things. The overall scale has gotten so big that even I’m surprised as I’m filming. With the bigger scale, all the actors tried hard to capture the best of the colorful episodes, so your eyes will be pleased.”

Taxi Driver 2 is an upcoming revenge drama centering around the mysterious taxi company Rainbow Taxi and its driver Kim Do Gi who take revenge on behalf of the victims. It’ll premiere on February 17th.

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