Who Plays Jeon Young Bin in ‘Weak Hero Class 1’?

Weak Hero Class 1 Jeon Young Bin
Weak Hero Class 1 Jeon Young Bin
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Kim Su Gyeom has been gaining great attention for his role in Weak Hero Class 1.

The action school drama follows Yeon Si Eun (played by Park Ji Hoon), a model student who excels at school, and his friends Soo Ho (Choi Hyun Wook) and Bum Seok (Hong Kyung) as they face off against the wrongful violence at their school.

The drama series has been making headlines since its release on November 18th. Out of all the cast members, Kim Su Gyeom, who plays the rich and vain kid named Jeon Young Bin, is receiving rave reviews for his excellent portrayal of the iconic villain character in the series.

Kim Soo Gyeom makes a strong first appearance in the show as he picks on Yeon Si Eun and tightens the tension. He is later revealed as a cowardly character who is powerless before the strong but preys on the weak: although he cannot do anything by himself, he bullies Si Eun with a group of friends, including Jung Chan (Yoon Jung Hoon), Tae Hoon (Hwang Sung Bin), Seok Dae (Shin Seung Ho), and Woo Young (Cha Woo Min).

Kim Su Gyeom, who made his debut through Kakao TV’s Love Revolution in 2020, has mostly played bubbly characters in numerous series and film works such as At a DistanceSpring Is GreenA Year-End Medley, and A Home from Home. Expectations are growing for his future acting projects as he caught viewers’ eyes with his brilliant villain role in Weak Hero Class 1.

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