‘Weak Hero Class 1’ Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, and More

weak hero class 1 park ji hoon
weak hero class 1 park ji hoon
Credit: Wavve

Weak Hero Class 1 unveiled behind-the-scenes photos of the “weak heroes.”

After Weak Hero Class 1 was released on the 28th, various drama communities lavished praise on the series. While it ranked first in “Today’s Top 20” in Wavve, overseas platforms like iQIYI (America, Taiwan) and KOCOWA (America) praised the show as “the best K-content of the year.”

On the 28th, Wavve released the behind-the-scenes photos that capture the seriousness of actors who’ve always been so sincere about their craft and their delightful chemistry. You can tell from these pictures that every sweat of the actors made the drama with no bad performance.

weak hero class 1 park ji hoon
Credit: Wavve

In particular, the photos of the Weak Heroz – Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, and Hong Kyung – show a glimpse into their friendship. From their affectionate moments to the jolly birthday party to “acting cute” moments and the last day of shooting, the released photos put a smile on our faces. Especially the father-son chemistry between Park Ji Hoon and Kim Sung Kyun catches the eye. In a recent interview, Park Ji Hoon thanked Kim Sung Kyun, “He said he’ll adjust everything to me and told me to do whatever I wanted to do.”

Wavve said, “Their performance was so powerful that we couldn’t believe that they were rookies. Like they said in the recent interview, they sprinted together for the sake of the drama, dragging and pulling each other. The photos released today captured those moments.”

Source: Wavve

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