Public Shows Support for Lee Seung Gi and Chuu in Their Conflicts with the Agencies

loona chuu agency
loona chuu agency
Credit: MHN Sports, BlockBerry Creative

Lee Seung Gi and LOONA’s Chuu made headlines with their conflicts with their agencies. However, thanks to the friendly images they’ve built so far, the public is showing their support for the artists.

First on the 17th, Lee Seung Gi requested a full report of revenue generated through his music ventures from his agency Hook Entertainment. On that day, media outlets reported that the singer wasn’t paid a single penny of music revenue for the past 18 years.

However, Hook denied the allegations. Their claim is that Lee Seung Gi settled all financial transactions and signed a written agreement back in 2021 when the singer ended but then renewed his exclusive contract with the agency. Despite Hook’s statements, Lee Seung Gi has expressed that he can no longer continue his relationship of trust with the company and CEO Kwon Jin Young.

Then on the 25th, BlockBerry Creative announced Chuu’s exit from LOONA due to her abusive language and misuse of power toward the staff.

However, fans are refusing to believe their statement since the company’s claims are quite the opposite of what the idol has shown in her public appearances. In fact, a writer of a web variety show that Chuu appeared in took to her Instagram to defend Chuu, stating that the misuse of power toward the staff is just absurd. Even the public sees this as the agency’s attempt to leave a malicious scratch on Chuu.

With these two stars entering the war with their agencies, attention is paid to what results they’ll see with the “public” on their side.

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