Hook Entertainment Apologizes to Lee Seung Gi But Denies the Allegation of Unpaid Music Profits

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Even after apologizing to Lee Sueng Gi, Hook Entertainment insisted that the allegations of not paying any music revenge to the singer for 18 years were false.

On the 25th, Hook issued an official statement regarding the ongoing issues surrounding Lee Seung Gi. “We’d like to express our sincere apologies for the constant upsetting news and the ongoing problem with Lee Seung Gi, and we especially apologize to Lee Seung Gi who must be having a tough time because of it,” the company wrote. “We bow our heads and apologize to those who were hurt by CEO Kwon Jun Young’s inappropriate words and actions.”

However, Hook explained that Lee Seung Gi settled all financial transactions and signed a written agreement back in 2021 when the singer ended but then renewed his exclusive contract with the agency. “Nevertheless, after Lee Seung Gi posed a question, Hook Entertainment is carefully reexamining the considerable amount of revenue that we have paid the singer with the experts,” the agency continued. They also stressed that one media outlet’s report about Lee Seung Gi getting snubbed of his music profits his entire career is not true.

Moreover, they also stepped up to defect Lee Sun Hee, who was suspected of neglecting Lee Seung Gi when she was his teacher and an executive at Hook. “In the case of Lee Sun Hee, she’s been Hook Entertainment’s artist since the very beginning, so she was nominally listed as a director out of courtesy,” Hook stated. “But Hook was a one-person company in which CEO Kwon Jin Young owned 100% of the stock from 2006 to 2021, and Lee Sun Hee was not involved in the company’s management in any way.”

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