Seolhyun Talks About How She Relates to Her ‘Summer Strike’ Character

Seolhyun drama Summer Strike
Seolhyun drama Summer Strike
Credit: KT Studio Genie

Seolhyun revealed why she chose to star in Summer Strike (literal title).

The new Genie TV series is about people who move to a small town to discover who they really are by living a minimalist life outside of the city.

Seolhyun plays Lee Yeo Reum, who quits her job and moves to a small town after becoming unsatisfied with her busy city life. The actress said, “I went, ‘This is for me,’ right after reading the script. I immediately went to the producer and said I want to a part in this project. I thought Yeo Reum and I have many things in common. Yeo Reum becomes a person who knows nothing about herself while trying to survive in a highly competitive society. I was able to relate to her when she declared a life strike to learn about herself.”

Seolhyun added, “I had a year-long break from my career, and it brought me to know better about myself. The time I had back then still helps me to navigate my way through life. I wanted Yeo Reum to feel the way I did, so I decided to star in this project.”

The idol-turned-actress also talked about what to look for in the upcoming series. She remarked, “Yeo Reum is an introvert who can be very closed-off at times. However, she has a charming side like a reed that bends but never breaks. Please stay tuned to see how she changes as she discovers herself while resting.”

Summer Strike will be released in November.

Source: KT Studio Genie

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