Seolhyun Quits Her Job and Leaves the City in ‘Coffee Prince’ Director’s New Series

seolhyun new drama
seolhyun new drama
Credit: KT Studio Genie

Seolhyun becomes a woman who willingly becomes jobless in I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything (literal title).

The new Genie TV series tells the story of a man and woman who have moved to a small town to discover who they really are by simply living a minimalist lifestyle outside of the city.

In the drama, Seolhyun steps into the role of Lee Yeo Reum. After graduating from college, Yeo Reum gets a job at a small company and struggles to not fall behind in the tough reality. However, one day, she gives up on her house, job, and even her greed and leaves the busy city.

The released photos show Lee Yeo Reum arriving in Angok village with one backpack. Trying her first-ever deviation from life, her face is full of excitement. She plans on doing nothing in this small village where everything is so unfamiliar, but she goes through changes after encountering unexpected people and events.

“The emotions (that Yeo Reum feels) are the feelings that I’m familiar with,” said Seolhyun after the table read. The production team also heralded the actress’ best performance, saying, “Seolhyun was Yeo Reum at the filming sites. Please look forward to the growth and transformation of Seolhyun, who’s put on the perfect mask for her.”

Meanwhile, I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything comes from Coffee Prince and Cheese In The Trap director Lee Yoon Jung. The show will be released in November on Genie TV, Seezn, and ENA.

Source: KT Studio Genie

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