‘Carter’ Ranks First in Global Top 10 Movies in Just 3 Days + Joo Won Reveals Best 3 Actions Scenes

carter netflix ranking

While Carter continues to gain global popularity, Joo Won and Director Jung Byung Gil chose the best 3 action scenes in the movie.

Carter centers around Agent Carter, who needs to find out who he really is and complete the mysterious mission he’s put on within a given time. Just three days after its release, the movie recorded 27.3 million views, taking the top spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Movies.

#1 Agent Carter vs. Many One-Take Action Scene in Public Bath
carter netflix ranking
Credit: Netflix

The first best action scene that Joo Won and Jung chose was the public bath action scene. After waking up with all his memory gone, Carter battles with more than 100 people in the public bath. This scene opens the movie up to a grand start. Seeing how he just automatically reacts even when he doesn’t know who he is raises questions as to the real identity of Carter.

Jung shared, “Carter began with the thought of wanting to create a one-take movie.” And this scene best shows his intention. Joo Won also said, “I buffed up my body for the first intense impression and memorized all the sequences.”

#2 From a Van to Motorcycle and Train! A Feast of Realistic Action Scenes
carter netflix ranking
Credit: Netflix

The unstoppable ground action sequence following the intense opening is another best scene in Carter. From a motorcycle to a van and a truck, all those action scenes prove that this movie “is for the action, of the action, by the action.” In particular, the scene where � Carter fights with CIA agents who grabbed Jung Ha Na (Kim Bo Min) by going back and forth between three running vans doubles the tension.

Joo Won commented, “In the case of that van scene, the space is limited and I had to act while kneeling. So it was tough, but the result was more impressive than I thought.” A feast of speedy, intense action scenes unfolded on a motorcycle, train, and truck deliver catharsis to the audience,

#3 Overwhelming Aerial Action Sequences
carter netflix ranking
Credit: Netflix

The last best action scene Joo Won and Jung chose was the skydiving and helicopter scene, which Jung paid the most attention to. The sight of Carter jumping off the plane to save Jung Ha Na, the only cure to the disease, only relying on a parachute, was not computer graphics. The skydiver held the camera to capture every moment. Moreover, the crew created a helicopter as big as the actual helicopter for the scene, allowing a different level of excitement that cannot be felt on a filming set. Jung confidently shared, “I’m sure the helicopter scene will be the most impressive scene for the viewers.”

Source: Netflix

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