Kim Tae Ri Talks About ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ and ‘Alienoid’ and Her Hobby of Bird Watching

Kim Tae Ri movie Alienoid
Kim Tae Ri movie Alienoid
Credit: Vogue Hong Kong

Kim Tae Ri made the cover of Vogue Hong Kong.

On the 3rd, Vogue Hong Kong released photos of Kim Tae Ri, who showed off her irreplaceable charm in the recent pictorial.

In an interview conducted afterward, the actress opened up about various things. First, she talked about the experiences she carries with her on her acting journey. “I think life is a school for an actor,” Kim Tae Ri said. “From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I close my eyes at night and dream, all the stimuli, emotions and thoughts help me act. That’s why I pay attention to the smallest of details and try to live a colorful life.”

Kim Tae Ri movie Alienoid
Credit: Vogue Hong Kong
Kim Tae Ri movie Alienoid
Credit: Vogue Hong Kong

Of course, her character Na Hee Do in the global hit series Twenty-Five Twenty-One couldn’t be left out. She responded, “My first impression of Hee-do was: how is it possible for a child to be so full of positivity and radiate such bright energy? Then I realized, ah, she has a dark side. She shines so brightly because she has always fought the darkness in her own way.”

Her new movie Alienoid has hit the screen recently. “When we first started filming, the action scenes we shot were fun but difficult,” Kim Tae Ri shared. “I practiced hard, but when I arrived on set, everything would change, so I needed time to adjust to that in the beginning.”

Kim Tae Ri movie Alienoid
Credit: Vogue Hong Kong

Recently, Kim Tae Ri has revealed that she found a new hobby of bird watching. “A close friend asked me to go bird watching, I did, and I just fell in love,” she recalled. “First of all, it was really fun to look at something through my binoculars. Once I know the name, shape and sound of a bird, I will keep noticing it in my life, and my day becomes more exciting. My favorite bird is an owl — it’s my dream bird. I haven’t seen it yet.”

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