Hong Jong Hyun Turns into a Man with Trauma in Stocks in TVING’s ‘Stock Struck’

Hong Jong Hyun drama
Hong Jong Hyun drama
Credit: TVING

Hong Jong Hyun is making his long-awaited comeback in Stock Struck.

TVING’s new original series Stock Struck dropped the first still photos of Hong Jong Hyun (playing Choi Sun Woo), heightening expectations.

Choi Sun Woo is a man who works part-time at a convenience store and has trauma in stocks. He’s the kind of person who needs to buy snacks for the people who pour down soju alone because he can’t simply pass by people who live with hardships like himself. But he has a history he can tell no one. Because of a certain incident that happened in the past, he escaped from the world and started living a secluded life.

But when he meets Yoo Mi Seo (Han Ji Eun), who exudes cheery, bright energy, his quiet life is turned upside down. What kind of things will happen to them and will he be able to overcome the trauma?

The released stills show Choi Sun Woo’s diverse charms. In one photo, he’s focusing on his laptop, and his passionate eyes do not make him look like a man who’s been hiding from the world for years. In another photo, he looking at someone with a smile, hinting at his warm personality.

The production team shared, “The narrative of the character Choi Sun Woo, drawn by actor Hong Jong Hyun, adds solidity to the play. It’ll be a time for you to get to know the prudent charm of the actor. So please show your interest.”

Meanwhile, Stock Struck will be released on August 12th.

Source: TVING

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