‘The Witch: Part 2. The Other One’ Unveils More Stills of Kim Da Mi, Park Eun Bin, Shin Sia and More

The Witch Part 2 Kim Da Mi
The Witch Part 2 Kim Da Mi
Credit: NEW

While The Witch: Part 2. The Other One is closing on achieving the feat of attracting 2.5 million moviegoers, the movie dropped a few new photos.

The Witch Part 2 is an action movie centering around “the girl,” the only survivor of a demolished secret laboratory. When she comes out into the world, various forces chase after her with different purposes.

The new stills released today stimulate curiosity by capturing desperate moments of The Witch Part 2. The first few photos show a glimpse into the danger that followed the choice that Kyung Hee (played by Park Eun Bin) and Dae Gil (Sung Yoo Bin) made to protect the girl (Shin Sia). Moreover, the meaningful expression of Chief Baek (Jo Min Su), the creator of the Witch Project, catches the eye.

The Witch Part 2 Park Eun Bin
Credit: NEW

On top of that, the tense confrontation between Jo Hyun (Seo Eun Soo) and Tom (Justin Harvey), the agents from the headquarters dispatched to Kyung Hee’s farm to find the girl; Yong Du (Jin Goo), a gang boss who chases after the girl; and Tou 4 from the Shanghai branch (Chae Won Bin, Seo Yi Ra, Lael Jung) heightens expectations for the movie.

The Witch Part 2 Kim Da Mi
Credit: NEW

Lastly, Goo Ja Yoon (Kim Da Mi), the main character of the prequel that went off the radar after wiping out Dr. Baek and her crew and destroying “Witch Project” labs, is spotted in an unexpected place.

Source: NEW


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