‘Alienoid’ Director Choi Dong Hoon Praises Kim Tae Ri for Her Expressive Performance

Movie Alienoid Kim Tae Ri
Movie Alienoid Kim Tae Ri
Credit: CJ ENM

Kim Tae Ri will captivate the audience as Yi An, a mysterious character in search of the legendary sword.

Alienoid Part One follows a group of Taoists from the Goryeo dynasty who mistakenly open a time portal in search of a legendary sword. The portal connects them to humans from 2022, who are tasked with finding an extraterrestrial prisoner locked in a human body.

Ever since her debut in the movie The Handmaiden, Kim Tae Ri won the title “never-failing actress,” making constant hits with all her projects including movies 1987: When the Day Comes and Space Sweepers and dramas Mr. Sunshine and Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

In Alienoid Part One, Kim Tae Ri plays Yi An, a woman who shoots thunder. Yi An, called the “lady who shoots thunder” because she carries around a pistol in the Goryeo Dynasty, is a mysterious woman in search of the legendary sword. To portray a bold character with excellent martial arts skills, the actress trained herself through gymnastics and running and pulled off a variety of action sequences.

“I think there are very few actors who can make such sincere expressions as Kim Tae Ri. I’m grateful to Kim Tae Ri for showcasing such a charming performance.” director Choi Dong Hoon commented.

Meanwhile, the new SF fantasy movie Alienoid will hit the screen on July 20th.

Source: CJ ENM

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