‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 6 Recap: Im Soo Hyang Decides to Break Up With Shin Dong Wook

Woori the Virgin Episode 6
Woori the Virgin episode 6 recap
Credit: SBS

In episode 6 of SBS’ Woori the Virgin, Oh Woo Ri (played by Im Soo Hyang) decides to break up with Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook).

Episode 6 begins with Woo Ri opening up to Raphael (Sung Hoon) as she gets touched by the surprise event prepared by him and Choi Seong Il (Kim Soo Ro).

Arriving late at the venue, Kang Jae had mixed feelings about �how happy Woo Ri and Raphael look together. While keeping his distance from Raphael, who seems to have gotten closer to Woo Ri’s family for being the biological father of her child, Kang Jae tries hard not to reveal how he really feels about the whole situation.

To patch things up, Woori and Kang Jae plan for an overnight camping trip, and they are thrilled to do so as they are going on a trip for the first time since they began dating.

Meanwhile, Kang Jae starts to feel guilty about hiding the fact that Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon) and Noh Man Chul (Kim Sun Woong), who is now deceased, had an affair before.

After learning the truth, Woo Ri sheds tears regretting that it was her who made Kang Jae lie. Realizing that she was the one who made his life difficult, Woo Ri decides to break up with Kang Jae, who has always been devoted to her. Taken aback by her sudden announcement, Kang Jae fails to ask her to reconsider as Woo Ri has already made up her mind.

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