Writer Phoebe Confirms Seo Ban from ‘Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)’ Is Actually AI

Love Marriage and Divorce season 3
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Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) writer Im Sung Han, aka Phoebe, opened up about what happened to Seo Dong Ma (Bu Bae) and the secrets of Seo Ban (Moon Sung Ho).

On Monday, Phoebe told Yonhap News, “As a writer, I thought I could finish the story if I just wrote one more season as I wrapped up season two. But writing as I originally planned, there’s still so much story left.” She added, “Rather than just abruptly putting an end to the story, I just had to stop midway. It’s both upsetting and disappointing for me as a writer, so I understand viewers’ complaints. I’d like to say I’m sorry.”

About the possibility of season four, she drew the line, saying, “It’s not something a writer can decide.”

Then she mentioned, “Dong Ma, who was pronounced brain dead, becomes an artificial intelligence (AI) just like his brother Seo Ban after his father Chairman Seo operates on him,” shocking everyone. This has viewers reanalyzing Moon Sung Ho’s robotic acting, which had been criticized throughout the show.

In season three, Sa Pi Young and Seo Dong Ma tied the knot, but Pan Sa Hyun, Ah Mi, Song Won, and Seo Ban’s story didn’t come to an end. This led to the question about the possibility of season four happening. In particular, Seo Ban’s secret wasn’t revealed until the end, and Seo Dong Ma was seen facing faceless grim reapers after getting into an accident.

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  • Please Phoebe, don’t let the Seo’s brothers be AI. Many viewers won’t like it! I thought the reason Ban was quiet,. His father cheated on his mother and that shocked Ban. Ban, obviously was in shocked and he never recovered from that. Putting Ban and Dong ma as AI, it’s so ridiculous. Please think about it. Thank you!