‘Soundtrack #1’ Park Hyung Sik Says He’ll Choose Love If He’s at a Crossroads Between Friendship and Love

kdrama Soundtrack #1 Park Hyung Sik
kdrama Soundtrack #1 Park Hyung Sik
Credit: Disney Plus

Park Hyung Sik is returning with the new romance series Soundtrack #1.

Soundtrack #1 is a romance music series about a man and woman who have been friends for 20 years. When these two longtime friends end up living together for two weeks, they gradually begin to realize their feelings for one another. It’ll deliver excitement to the viewers with the romance of “somewhere between love and friendship” that everyone dreams of.

One thing to note about the drama is Park Hyung Sik’s comeback to the romance genre. The actor introduced Soundtrack #1 as “the project that talks about what happens when feelings of love begin to grow between a man and a woman who have been friends for a long time.” He added, “I think it’s a drama where you can feel the feelings of having a crush and love that you slowly get to know more deeply with music.”

kdrama Soundtrack #1 Park Hyung Sik
Credit: Disney Plus

Park Hyung Sik talked about why he chose Soundtrack #1. “I wanted to work with director Kim Hee Won and Han So Hee, and the scripts were quite fun too. I also wanted to appear in the Disney Plus series.”

He then introduced his character, photographer Han Sun Woo. “He’s a photographer and an old friend of Eun Soo (Han So Hee). He’s unchanging and true, and that’s Han Sun Woo’s biggest charm. I remember worrying about how the viewers can approach his unchanging sincerity.”

Lastly, Park Hyung Sik was asked what choice he’d make if he was at the crossroads between love and friendship like Han Sun Woo. The actor’s answer was “love.” He continued, “I had so much fun filming Soundtrack #1. Please look forward to the combination of director Kim Hee Won, Han So Hee, and Park Hyung Sik.”

Meanwhile, Soundtrack #1 will be released exclusively on Disney Plus on March 23rd.

Source: Disney Plus

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