Han So Hee Says Her Character in ‘Soundtrack #1’ Is Quite Like Her

Han So Hee drama Soundtrack1
Han So Hee drama Soundtrack1
Credit: 9ato Entertainment Instagram

Han So Hee is one of the hottest stars. The actress, who won the 2020 AAA (Asia Artist Award) Best New Actress with The World of the Married, won the 2021 AAA Best Artist with Nevertheless and My Name. Starnews sat down with Han So Hee to talk about winning the AAA for two consecutive years.

About winning the 2021 AAA Best Best Artist, she said, “I rambled on at the time because I was so nervous. First, it was an amazing year where I got to meet viewers with great projects. It was also a year that made my resolution to show better performances even sturdier after winning the award. Once again, thank you so much.”

Han So Hee drama Soundtrack1
Credit: JTBC, Netflix

Last year, Han So Hee showed two contrasting performances through Nevertheless and My Name. About her radical transformations, she said, “What I wanted the most was to show something very different from what I’ve shown before. In that sense, Nevertheless and My Name allowed me a turning point and helped me make new experiences and challenges. I was even happier that so many people liked them.”

Now, the actress is getting ready for the release of her new Disney Plus original series Soundtrack #1. Soundtrack #1 is about a man and woman who have been friends for 20 years. When these two longtime friends end up living together for two weeks, they gradually begin to realize their feelings for one another. She explained, “Lee Eun Soo in the play is similar to me in many ways, so I was very comfortable playing the role and got to focus more on the story. The filming didn’t take long, but I bonded a lot with Park Hyung Sik, who’s playing Han Sun Woo, and we had fun trying various attempts.”

Han So Hee drama Soundtrack1
Credit: Disney Plus, Awesome Ent, 9ato Entertainment

Han So Hee made headlines when she was cast alongside Park Seo Joon in the new drama K Project. “I’m preparing for it with a pleasant tension. It’s an honor to work with such amazing actors, and I’m trying my best to create a great synergy with them,” she said. “I’m especially trying to broaden my perspectives and learn so that my existence can blend into unfamiliar situations with different clothes, tone of voice, and background.”

Only after five years of debut, Han So Hee has emerged as one of the most highly-anticipated actresses in their 20s. What does she think her charm is? She replied, “I’m not sure what my charm is and what people like about me. Actually, it’s getting harder every year. Since everyone likes the side of me that I don’t even know, I want to fill up my time with stead and hard work, just as I did until now.”

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