Hyeri Says She Even Rolled Around the Fertilized Field for ‘Moonshine’

Kdrama Moonshine Hyeri

Hyeri made another leap forward with ‘Moonshine’.

Kdrama Moonshine Hyeri
Credit: Creative Group ING

KBS’s Moonshine, which ended on the 22nd, is a fusion historical drama telling the love story of the principled inspector and a woman making a living from moonshining. Hyeri received favorable reviews for her performance as Kang Ro Seo, the daughter of the struggling aristocrat who will do all types of jobs as the family’s breadwinner. Two days before the final episode aired, the actress shared how she felt about finishing the project in a video interview with Edaily.

Hyeri shared, “Moonshine was a project that everyone could enjoy because it contains various genre-specific elements. Personally, it was special because it was a drama that I got to wrap up my 20s with. Also, it was my first historical drama. There would have been a lot of things I would have been afraid of and worried about if I had bound myself with the limits that I created, but I’d like to commend myself for taking on the challenge without doing so.”

Kang Ro Seo, played by Hyeri, is a tough and independent woman. The scene where she dives into a fertilized field to look for a ring in episode one was especially impressive.

“I actually filmed in a field covered with manure. I didn’t think much when I first went in there, but it got really tough from the second time,” she laughed as she recalled. “I did my best in the shot as I tried to understand the thoughts of a woman who toiled and moiled enough to walk into a fertilized field for 20 coins.”

Kdrama Moonshine Hyeri
Credit: Creative Group ING

Hyeri then thanked Yoo Seung Ho, who starred opposite him as Nam Young. “He was so calm that I even thought, ‘How could he be so serious?’ There was so much to learn from him, and he instilled confidence in me by telling me my strengths and weaknesses. So I was grateful.”

Her passionate performance was met with favorable comments from the viewers. After receiving a related question during an interview, Hyeri said with a broad smile, “I’m happy to receive such a happy question.”

She also briefly brought up her boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol. “He actually said something this time. He told me that of all the projects I’ve worked on, this one has the most absorbing script.”

In her spare time, Hyeri meets with a study group for acting. “I’ve learned a lot from having a study group with actors who are not seen in the media. I’ve got to broaden my perspective and gain confidence to perform better in my next project.”

Hyeri, who turned 29 this year, said, “I don’t have a specific goal for my 30s. But I do wish to be more recognized and become someone who’s better used in many ways. I will continue to act without any restrictions of genre.”

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