Han Ga In Talks About How She Felt Betrayed After Learning Where Kim Soo Hyun Had Been While Filming ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’

Han Ga In The Moon Embracing the Sun
Han Ga In The Moon Embracing the Sun
Credit: SBS

Han Ga In shared stories behind the making of MBC’s Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) during her interview with SBS’ Civilization Express-MMTG.

Upon seeing some clips from the series, she recalled, “It was so cold when we filmed the drama. You can see that my face is all puffy. I was really exhausted after shooting the scene where Yeon Woo (Han Ga In’s character) regains her lost memories.”

The actress also shared that she was swollen all the time while filming the series due to extreme weather at that time. She said, “In the drama, Yeon Woo did not have a house because of her low social status. And because I had the scene where she goes wandering in the winter mountains, I had to wear layers and layers of clothes. The blood circulation was so bad that my face got puffier throughout filming.” She also noted that she used to sit in the bathroom because her car was parked far away from the filming set.

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Han Ga In thought back to how cold it always was on the set of the drama and added, “Kim Soo Hyun played the king. I became the Queen in the last episode so I got to enter the palace. It was so warm. I felt betrayed, so thought to myself, ‘He was filming in this nice place all along?’” She also shared that Jung Il Woo once told her that she should always play high-ranking roles no matter what when she films historical dramas. She added, “If I do another historical drama in the future, I’m not going to do any roles beneath the Queen.”

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