Son Ye Jin Talks Life Changes After Marrying Hyun Bin: From MLB Dates to Motherhood

son ye jin and hyun bin
son ye jin and hyun bin
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Taiwan recently hosted Son Ye Jin, attending a beauty brand event. Clad in a pink dress, Son captivated the local media with her elegance. Reflecting on her first visit to Taiwan, she shared, “I was thrilled to visit Taiwan for the first time. The drive from the airport to the hotel felt very similar to Korea, which gave me a sense of familiarity.”

Despite being often hailed as a “goddess,” Son humbly dismissed such title. “I’m just a very ordinary person. It’s always flattering to hear such praise,” she chuckled. “I’m grateful for the beautiful image conveyed through my ads. While I don’t know how long I can maintain this ‘goddess-like’ image, I’m committed to staying healthy and beautiful as I age.”

son ye jin and hyun bin
Credit: Xportsnews
son ye jin and hyun bin
Credit: Ilgan Sports

Last month, Son and her husband, Hyun Bin, were spotted enjoying the MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 game between the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. “We were invited by the organizers, and my husband asked if I wanted to join him. Although I don’t often watch baseball, I’ve had some fun experiences at games before, so I gladly agreed,” Son remarked.

The actress also opened up about the changes in her life since becoming a mother. “Honestly, I barely have any time to myself now. Most of my time is spent with my family,” she said. “Aside from the time I spend exercising and taking care of myself, the little time I get when my child is sleeping during the day or at night is precious. During those moments, I catch up on TV shows or simply rest.”

Expressively, Son revealed her desire to portray roles that reflect her newfound maternal instincts. “After becoming a mother, I find myself drawn to roles that depict strong maternal figures,” she stated.

son ye jin and hyun bin
Credit: Twitter

On the subject of beauty, Son mused, “Beauty is not just about appearances; it’s the combination of external and internal qualities. I believe that’s what we consider true beauty, and I continue to strive to improve myself in both aspects.”

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, who starred together in tvN’s Crash Landing on You, developed their relationship from on-screen to real life and celebrated their wedding in 2022. They welcomed their son in November of the same year. Son is currently considering an offer to star in a new project by director Park Chan Wook.

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