Sandeul’s Manager Placed a Hidden Camera in Kim Hwan Hee’s Dressing Area

sandeul manager
sandeul manager
Credit: Heaven Mania

In a disturbing violation of privacy, the individual who placed a hidden camera in the dressing room of musical actress Kim Hwan Hee was revealed as Sandeul‘s manager. WM Entertainment confirmed that the manager had been dismissed following the discovery.

WM Entertainment issued an official statement on the 17th, admitting to the grave nature of the incident: “We extend our deepest apologies to the actress and all parties affected by this distressing incident. We recognize the severity of this breach and are fully committed to ensuring the well-being of the actress.”

The company revealed that they had taken immediate action upon discovering the manager’s misconduct. “The manager was promptly removed from any duties involving artist accompaniment and was terminated from his position,” they stated. “We have completed a thorough investigation of the venue, employee accommodations, and the agency building to ensure there are no further incidents. But we are cooperating fully with the police investigation just in case and will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

The hidden camera incident came to light on April 9th, when Kim Hwan Hee found the device concealed in a couch in her makeup room at the Kwang Lim Art Center. Actors use this room to change and prepare before and after their performances in the musical Next to Normal.

Reacting to the incident, Kim Hwan Hee’s agency took to social media to underscore the seriousness of the situation. They stated, “The makeup room is not just a waiting area. It is used by performers to change into stage costumes and to shower after performances. Installing a hidden camera in such a space is a criminal act and a disgraceful event that should never occur. An investigation is currently underway.”

Heaven Mania, the production company behind Next to Normal also expressed their dismay, acknowledging their part in the oversight. “The discovery of a hidden camera in the actor’s dressing room is an appalling incident that should never have occurred. We take full responsibility and are committed to increasing our efforts to prevent such violations in the future,” they emphasized.

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