Netflix ‘Kill Bok Soon’ Full Cast List: Meet Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Koo Kyo Hwan, and Esom for the Upcoming Korean Thriller

netflix movie Kill Bok Soon
netflix movie Kill Bok Soon
Credit: Management SOOP, C-JeS Entertainment

Netflix’s new movie Kill Bok Soon (literal title) has finalized its full cast, including Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Koo Kyo Hwan, and Esom.

Kill Bok Soon is a new action movie about contract killers. Gil Bok Soon is the legendary contract killer. She gets caught up in an inevitable confrontation ahead of her contract renewal with her company.

Jeon Do Yeon turns into Gil Bok Soon, who lives a double life as a contract killer and a single mother. Her success rate is 100%, but parenting her 15-year-old daughter never goes as planned. The actress will pull off intense action sequences, as well as complex emotional performances.

Sol Kyung Gu plays Cha Min Kyu, CEO of M.K ent that runs a contract killing business. He’s the boss of the company Gil Bok Soon is affiliated with. Gil Bok Soon shows him respect as her teacher, but deep down, she knows that he’s a dangerous person who can take everything from her.

netflix movie Kill Bok Soon
Credit: Artist Company, Namoo Actors

Koo Kyo Hwan takes on the role of Han Hee Sung. He’s another contract killer of M.K ent. His skills are excellent, but Cha Min Kyu refuses to recognize his skills for some reason. Lastly, Esom plays Cha Min Hee, Cha Min Kyu’s sister and director of M.K ent. She is dissatisfied with her brother for favoring Gil Bok Soon.

An official shared, “Please look forward to the synergy of the actors who will create a bloody yet interesting relationship between contract killers, as well as stylish directing and novel story.”

Source: Netflix

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