Kim Jong Kook Mentions Possible Legal Action Against Recent Steroid Allegations on the Latest Episode of ‘Running Man’

Running Man
Credit: SBS

On the most recent episode of Running Man, Kim Jong Kook stated his desire to take legal action in response to recent steroid claims.

In the episode, the production crew prepared a space like a conference room and the Running Man members were puzzled, asking, “What is this? A press conference?”

Kim Jong Kook jokingly said, “Don’t tell me you prepared this for my doping test.” He continued, “I will put an end to these allegations.” Yoo Jae Suk laughed as he commented, “He must’ve said it because he didn’t know you very well,” while Yang Se Chan responded, “He messed with the wrong person.”

The production crew asked the members, “What do you think of the penalties of the game?” Kim Jong Kook replied, “If the penalties are too weak, it doesn’t really motivate me to do one,” while Yoo Jae Suk said, “Although he went through a lot due to the allegations… He’s always the first to complain about the game penalties when they get too harsh.”

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Meanwhile, YouTuber Greg Doucette uploaded a video about Kim Jong Kook, accusing that the singer is probably on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Kim Jong Kook has since denied these allegations and Greg Doucette has since apologized and taken down the videos.

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