A Canadian Bodybuilder Once Again Claims that Kim Jong Kook’s Physique Might Not Be All Natural

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Credit: Kim Jong Kook & Greg Doucette YouTube

Canadian bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Greg Doucette once again posted a video claiming that Kim Jong Kook is most likely on steroids.

On the 7th, Greg Doucette said, “Essentially all of Korea is upset that I said that Kim Jong Kook might have taken HRT or potentially used PEDs. I went over his video, and I went over his workout. You told me the guy works out two and three hours a day, and that’s why he looks like he does. But it’s not how it works. When you do too much, it’s called overtraining. When you overtrain, you have less muscle. It’s even more proof that he’s probably taking something.”

He continued, “I’m literally on HRT myself, and I’m saying maybe he is on HRT. It takes one to know one. You know what I mean, I can kind of see, and I can tell.”


Previously on October 31st, the fitness YouTuber raised suspicions that Kim Jong Kook might be on steroids, saying that his physique is suspiciously getting big as time passes by. Soon, a South Korean fitness Youtuber named Gango also uttered, “I know the truth quite well. But since he is a much-admired figure in Korea, I can’t make honest comments on his physique.”

In response, Kim Jong Kook wrote a lengthy post on his YouTube community: “Even if it’s legal, it’s still a concern for someone in my position. It is legal and acceptable for ordinary people to use it with a doctor’s prescription for their health and happiness. But if I, Kim Jong Kook, do that, there will be a major problem there. Whatever it is, whether my hormone levels were artificially enhanced or natural will be revealed if I undergo a test. I’ll undergo all the related tests one by one. Watch me.”


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