CL Says She Hopes What She Does Will Be of Help to Other Singers

CL album ALPHA
CL album ALPHA
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CL released her first-ever full album ALPHA twelve years after her debut. Nocut News conducted a written interview with CL, who is now promoting as an independent artist.


Q1. You said that you wanted to capture the process of overcoming fears as CL and Chaelin in ‘ALPHA.’ What was that fear?

I think the most fearful thing was losing the balance between CL and Lee Chaelin. I couldn’t lose the thought that I was consuming what I like as CL. And because of that, I felt like I was forgetting what I love. But I recharged and overcame a lot as I lived as Lee Chaelin over the past years.

Q2. Although you made your debut as an idol from a large agency, you working as an “underdog” that “acts outside the system” is not awkward at all. It’s interesting how you preserve your identity.

I was like that from the start. We were a girl group, but we wore sneakers on stage, and our clothes were different from others. Being outside of the box was how I started, and it was the identity I wanted to show as CL. I think that’s my unchanging nature.

Q3. What was the strongest motivation for wanting to work as an ‘independent artist’?

I wanted to know exactly how everything worked. And I hope that the way I do things will help other singers or other singers that used to be idols.

Q4. It was impressive that you say there’s no title track because you wrote each song thinking it’s a single. Among them, why did you choose “Tie a Cherry”?

The character created in the process of making ALPHA was Miss Cherry. “Tie a Cherry” is a song that best expresses Miss Cherry’s character, and I showed that in the music video.

Q5. Please briefly introduce the charms or characteristics of other songs.

I really like the MTV vibe, and “Chuck” is a song that captures that feeling. “Xai” sings about her relationship with the loved one while talking about the relationship CL has with the world as a celebrity, artist, and performer. “Let It” contains the message that sometimes you can let it go when you can’t control it as you want. “Paradise” sings the moments when I feel so comfortable, like I’m in heaven. “My Way” can be introduced as a song with the most K-pop-like sound. It also has my message as I walk the path of an independent artist and soloist. “Siren” is about the emotions you feel when you try to keep the lights on while dating.

Q6. You’ve made the cover of German magazine 032c and attended the Met Gala. Do you tend to reflect your interest and affection for fashion in your work?

I think music, dance, and fashion should always go together. Fashion is one of the essential ways of expressing CL, and I always reflect on my opinions.


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