Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Drama ‘One Ordinary Day’ Confirms the Premiere Date and Reveals Its Suspenseful Trailer

Kim Soo Hyun filmography
Kim Soo Hyun filmography
Credit: Coupang Play

Upcoming Coupang Play series One Ordinary Day revealed its first trailer and confirmed its release date to be November 27th.

One Ordinary Day is an eight-part series that revolves around an ordinary college student who suddenly becomes a murder suspect. Soon, he teams up with a lawyer who barely passed the bar exam.

The trailer begins by showing a glimpse of the day that Kim Hyun Soo (played by Kim Soo Hyun) became a murder suspect. The trailer then cuts to Kim Hyun Soo fiddling with his hands anxiously and Shin Joong Han (Cha Seung Won) telling him, “Hyun Soo, from now on, don’t say anything about what happened that night. Ever.”


As the scenes of blood-drenched knives, bloodstains on the stairs, and shattered vase flashes back, Kim Hyun Soo says nervously, “But you need to know the truth.” However, the lawyer doesn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, warning, “The truth won’t get you anywhere.” After the conversation, Kim Hyun Soo is seen crying and roaring at the police station, doubling the mystery. The trailer ends with Kim Hyun Soo, wearing a prison uniform, saying, “The girl… did she die?”

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