A Woman Claiming to Be Actor K’s Ex-Girlfriend States that K Made Her Have an Abortion Then Dumped Her

korean actor rumor

Rumors over actor K became the hottest potato today.

korean actor rumor

Woman A, who introduced herself as actor K’s ex-girlfriend, stirred up the online world when she claimed that K made her have an abortion then dumped her.

Soon after her claims hit the wire, people started demanding proof, to which she answered, “Many people ask me to post pictures, and it’s not that difficult. But the reason I didn’t upload the photo evidence right away was for legal reasons.” She also emphasized, “I have suffered from guilt and pain for over a year, and I didn’t write my post out of sudden anger.”

In her previous statement, A stated that she got pregnant after single unprotected intercourse. Though she wanted the baby, K took back his initial promises and said, “If you give birth now, I have to pay 900 million KRW (about $757,818) in damages, but I don’t have that kind of money right now. What if you jeopardize my parents as well? Let’s move in together next year.” He then encouraged her to get an abortion.

A’s claims that K’s attitude completely changed after the abortion. She wrote, “He started having outbursts and throwing all kinds of tantrums, using his project as his excuse. But I stood by his side because I believed he would move in with me as he said once the project is completed.”

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And even during that process, K, contrary to his innocent images, frequently bad-mouthed and gossiped about the people he worked with.

A then continued that K started erasing all his photos from A’s computer because a media outlet found out about their relationship. However, K broke up with her over the phone. “When the person, who lied about marriage and made me have an abortion, broke up with me over the phone, I cried. In response, he got all annoyed and threatened me and made all kinds of excuses, talking about all the damages that he has to face,” she wrote.

Lastly, A concluded, “I hope that you will regret how you so irresponsibly abandoned your dog and me because you are afraid of the penalty for your commercials.”

Already, an actor, who had just recently finished a drama in success, is presumed to be actor K. However, he has not made any statement. The actor’s agency has also lost contact with the right after A’s revelation was posted.

Some believe that the claims made by A fall into the category of privacy. And yet, due to the nature of the scandal, which involves an abortion and possible gaslighting, K is highly likely to get swept up in a dispute over penalties for breaching his commercial contracts.

An official of one brand that has shot a commercial with actor K shared, “We just found out about the rumor. We are desperately hoping it’s false. His pure and positive images are the key. It will be detrimental to us if this turns out to be true. We will be carefully watching the situation, but we are indeed very shocked.”


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