Jinyoung Says He Wishes to Appear on ‘Squid Game’ Director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s Work

B1A4 Jinyoung
B1A4 Jinyoung
Credit: BB Entertainment

Jinyoung had an online interview to mark the end of his television series Police University.

Jinyoung, a member of B1A4, started his military service as a social worker in 2019 and was discharged in April. It was when his hectic schedules came to a stop, so the artist filled the time with many thoughts. After he was discharged from the army, he chose to make his drama comeback with KBS’s Police University. And this work holds a lot of meaning to him.

“I was nervous and excited as it was my first series in years. It was a project that made me start all over again.”

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For the series, Jinyoung played Kang Seon Ho. Although he doesn’t have any specific goals in life, things started to change little by little when he met his first love, Oh Kang Hee (Krystal), and when he found his way into the police academy. He starts to live a new life as a police officer when he comes across his mentor, Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun).

“I have worked with many actors far more established than I am and it was extra meaningful to be working with Cha Tae Hyun. It was a life-changing experience. He’s such a nice guy. I asked him for advice on my acting attempts and on �life in general. He actually helped me decide on my next project. He’s like a savior for me.”

He then thanked Krystal, who showed refreshing romance with him.

“Krystal is so nice and kind. We’re about the same age, so we bonded a lot. We talked and rehearsed a lot before going for a shoot. Maybe that’s why all the process was fun and easy.”

B1A4 Jinyoung
Credit: KBS, CJ Entertainment

There was also a person who became a great stimulus to Jinyoung. And that person was director Hwang Dong Hyuk, who brought him into the world of cinema with the role of Ban Ji Ha in Miss Granny when he just started acting while mainly promoting as B1A4’s member. Currently, director Hwang has become a star director who is receiving worldwide attention through Netflix’s Squid Game.

“It (Squid Game) was so interesting. I’ve heard things about the script of Squid Game from way before. I’m really close to him, and he’s the director I respect. In the end, he finally contrived the production, and �I can’t imagine all the effort that went into making that work. I was looking forward to how it would be portrayed, but it seems to have turned out to be something bigger than I expected.”

Now, all eyes are on season 2 of Squid Game. Though the production is yet to be confirmed, there’s a growing interest in the cast as the project requires many actors. If Jinyoung is offered a role, he’s ready to hop on any time.

“Of course, if he needs me, I’ll be happy to join his project. At the very best, I want to appear as an actual squid (laughs). Even if it’s not Squid Game, I want to participate in director Hwang’s future project. I have lots of respect for him.”

What is Jinyoung going to do next? Jinyoung debuted as a singer.

“I’m constantly working on music. I love music too much to only focus on acting, and there are a lot of songs that I have made. I’m thinking about how to repay the fans who love me and what kind of music I should write for them. I think I have to present better music to my fans, so I always keep that in mind. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more.”


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