The Blue House Responds To Petition Calling for the Cancellation of JTBC’s Upcoming Drama ‘Snowdrop’

Snowdrop drama
Snowdrop drama
Credit: JTBC

The Blue House has issued a statement in response to a national petition calling for the cancellation of JTBC’s upcoming drama Snowdrop due to its controversy over distortion of history.

Regarding the petition calling for the suspension of JTBC’s new drama Snowdrops, the Blue House stated, “The production has explained that the current debate has been generated from fragmentary information, such as an unfinished plot and portions of character descriptions. The show affirmed that it does not intend to denigrate the pro-democracy movement or glorify being a spy or NSP.'”

The Blue House explained that Article 4 of the Broadcasting Act ensures the freedom of broadcasting stations and independence of broadcast programming. And they further announced that it is not possible to restrict or interfere with the programming without complying with the Act’s requirements. In particular, they articulated, “The government’s direct involvement in creative work requires an attentive approach as it can violate freedom of expression. The government respects the self-correction efforts and autonomous civilian choices made by the writer, producer, and users about the content that goes against the public sentiment.”

The South Korean government concluded their statement by saying, “However, the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) will conduct reviews of the broadcasts that undermine public responsibility or breach regulations, such as those that include excessive historical distortion. By reviewing the contents and concerns, KCSC will extensively assess the broadcast’s impartiality, public nature, and other criteria of shared responsibility.”


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