K-Drama Review: ‘Nevertheless’: A Drama with an Attractive Sub Narrative

drama Nevertheless review

Edited by Kim Won Hee
Translated by Cho EK

A hyper-realistic romance drama based on the original webtoon, Nevertheless, is a work that gave great anticipation even before its premiere. The beautiful casts looked just like the characters from the original work. Although the viewership ratings are dropping as of now, the series is garnering huge popularity among viewers and landed at NO.1 on the Netflix Top-10 list in South East Asia and Korea.

drama Nevertheless review
Credit: JTBC

The pairing of Han So Hee and Song Kang, who play the main characters Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Eon, is eye-catching. In other words, the stunning cast alone may make this movie worth adding to your watchlist. It provides visual satisfaction through the pairing of the two dazzling actors who just jump off the page. However, the attractive cast alone is not enough to fully satisfy the audience. For instance, One thing that could have been better is Song Kang’s portrayal of Park Jae Eon.

Anyone can tell that Park Jae Eon is a player. He casually flirts with everyone and maintains an encouraging attitude while never really committing to a single relationship. So, with such settings, the character should have a strong, irresistible charm as a so-called ‘bad boy.’ But instead, Song Kang’s character Park Jae Eon’s facial expressions, lines, and actions were all awkward at times, making it hard for us to find his unique charm.

As a result, it wasn’t easy for us to dive into the scene where Yoo Na Bi felt drawn to Park Jae Eon, although she knew that there’s something’s off about him. And the subtle romance between the two failed to fully bring out the chemistry within the scene. They looked even more sweet and romantic in the featurette and behind-the-scenes videos.

drama Nevertheless review
Credit: JTBC

Aside from the awkward acting that distracts immersion from the series, some may not find their relationship appealing. Park Jae Eon’s character takes advantage of his partner and never gives the assurance she wants. Meanwhile, in the fourth episode, a new character, Yang Do Hyeok, appears in front of Yoo Na Bi. He is her childhood best friend and has always kept his feelings for his first love, Yoo Na Bi. Unlike Park Jae Eon, Yang dares to reveal his sincere feelings for her. Perhaps because it gives such a strong contrast between her relationship with Park Jae Eon, which received mixed responses, the pairing of Yang and Yoo seems to be much more appealing to the viewers.

Yoo Na Bi’s first relationship ended in tragedy. Her ex-boyfriend was selfish and manipulative. He obscenely displayed Yoo Na Bi’s naked body in the name of art and cheated on her. Then she met Park Jae Eon, but he wasn’t any better. He acts like he feels something special for Na Bi. But when she tries to get one step closer, he draws a line and pushes her away with his vague words. He doesn’t hide that he’s got other girls besides Yoo Na Bi, and even though he spends many nights with her, he never tries to have a real relationship with her.

In the latest 6th episode, Park Jae Eon seems to be showing remorse for his past deeds. But soon after, he does his same old flirting with another woman at the bar where he first saw Yoo Na Bi. So, it is only natural for us to feel for Yang Do Hyeok because he, who only sees Yoo Na Bi, appeared at the right time and place during her heartbreak.

drama Nevertheless review
Credit: JTBC

Although the leading pair’s narrative can be better, the other attractive love line makes it impossible to stop watching the drama: Yoon Sol and Seo Ji Wan who appear as friends of Yoo Na Bi. The first impressions of the two high school classmates show that Yoon has a crush on Seo while she only sees him as her best friend. However, when Seo starts seeing a man, Yoon gets mad and jealous. He still keeps a hard crush on her without noticing her growing feelings. And Seo sometimes gets confused as she fails to understand her true feelings for her best friend. Their cute tug-of-war between friendship and love gives a burst of fun.

The 10-part series Nevertheless has already passed its midway mark and nearing its end. Who would Yoo Na Bi choose between Park Jae Eon and Yang Do Hyeok, who seems to be the opposite of each other? And, will Sol Ji Wan and Yoon Sol reveal their feelings for each other? It’s a drama that can see some improvements, but I will keep watching it until the end.


Verdict: You can only find the fun in the stories of the supporting characters. (6/10)

Edited by Kim Won Hee: I am a person who needs more than 24 hours in a day because there are so many things I love. I am amassing various genres in the jewelry box in my heart.
Translator Cho EK: I’m a big fan of Korean dramas and movies.

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  • In my personal opinion, the drama is going smoothly and I cant wait to see what else happens. It’s one of my favorites right now and it just continues to keep me on my toes. I feel like the appeal or the point of Park Jae Eon is that he is toxic and he seems to be doing that well. You want to love him but you know he isn’t making the right choices for him to be the guy for her. With that being said, I am crossed between him and the other guy because they’re both amazing. We all know what the right choice is… but is the right choice what we always end up choosing?

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