‘Wedding Impossible’ Review: A Fresh Twist on Rom-Com Clichés

wedding impossible review

Edited by Seo Hae Lan
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

wedding impossible review
Credit: tvN

In the romantic comedy web novel-turned-TV series Wedding Impossible, an unknown actress finds herself in a whirlwind of pretense and unexpected romance after entering into a “contract marriage” with her longtime friend, only to fall unexpectedly for her friend’s brother.

Ah Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo), a bit-part actress with an undying passion for her craft, discovers that her friend, Do Han (Kim Do Wan), is a chaebol heir. This revelation leads her to agree to a fake marriage to protect his most dangerous secret. However, the real challenge Ah Jeong faces is Do Han’s brother, Ji Han (Moon Sang Min), who has meticulously planned for his brother to inherit their grandfather’s company. Ji Han’s plans hit a snag when Do Han announces his intent to marry a woman who is basically a nobody, propelling Ji Han into a series of schemes to separate the couple, only to find himself falling for Ah Jeong instead.

Wedding Impossible centralizes on delightful matrimonial chaos that blooms into love between a would-be sister-in-law and her objector. It meticulously weaves in the backstory of Ah Jeong’s enduring hardships as an unknown actress, Do Han’s reasons for initiating a contract marriage, and Ji Han’s sacrifice to give everything he knows to the brother he adores. These elements provide depth to what might otherwise seem like a typical sabotage of marriage, showcasing the sacrifices and romantic gestures hidden beneath.

Therefore, the series cleverly subverts the typical “Cinderella story,” revealing character depth and the uniqueness of its plot. Ah Jeong, instead of being the damsel in distress, emerges as a courageous figure who prioritizes others over herself, painting a picture of a princess saving a prince rather than the other way around. This unexpected twist adds to the allure of Ji Han’s affection for Ah Jeong, moving beyond the standard K-romcom formula to a story of the male lead getting butterflies from the female lead.

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wedding impossible review
Credit: tvN

Despite its engaging narrative, Wedding Impossible occasionally falls back on clichéd romantic tropes that do little to enhance the story. Scenes such as Ji Han’s attempts to boost Ah Jeong’s self-esteem with his wealth (even Ah Jeong wasn’t all that impressed) and their “accidental” intimate moments like the man catching the girl from falling, question the necessity of including such overused devices. Instead, the series shines in its portrayal of misunderstandings and bickering between Ah Jeong and Ji Han, sparking more interest in where their dynamic relationship is heading.

The casting of Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min initially sparked curiosity about their adaptation to a conventional rom-com setting, given Jeon’s history of bold film performances and Moon’s rapid ascent to a leading role following Under the Queen’s Umbrella and Duty After School. While their portrayals haven’t been criticized as ‘bad acting,’ they also weren’t as groundbreaking or powerful as one might have hoped. They bring a refreshing charm to the series, but it lacks the “oomph” that could overturn the “familiarity” of the topic. However, they are gradually winning over audiences as the story progresses. Anticipation builds for what Ah Jeong and Ji Han will show the moment they acknowledge their feelings for each other.

Wedding Impossible captures the evolving relationship between a future sister-in-law and brother-in-law, centered around Ji Han’s emotions. Now, it’s time to delve into Ah Jeong’s true feelings, which have been somewhat overshadowed by Ji Han’s changes. Can Ah Jeong face her attraction to Ji Han head-on as their marriage leads their relationship into chaos? With their romance already predicted to navigate through thorny paths from the start, one wonders how their love will withstand the trials ahead and what conclusion their relationship will reach. (5/10)


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