Jeon Jong Seo Charms in a Lovely Turn for tvN’s Newest Rom-Com’ Wedding Impossible’

jeon jong seo wedding impossible
jeon jong seo wedding impossible
Credit: tvN

Jeon Jong Seo is all set to dazzle audiences with her lovely charms in the upcoming rom-com drama Wedding Impossible. This fresh tvN Monday-Tuesday series unfolds the tumultuous romantic mission of unknown actress Na Ah Jung (played by Jeon Jong Seo), who decides to enter a sham marriage with her male friend to land her first-ever leading role, and Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min), her prospective brother-in-law who vehemently opposes the marriage.

Jeon, taking on the role of Na Ah Jung, is expected to showcase her bubbly charm and prove her mettle as a “human vitamin.” The anticipation is high for Jeon’s transformation into a romantic comedy lead for her first-ever TV series.

Upon reading the script for Wedding Impossible, Jeon Jong Seo confessed to feeling nostalgic, saying, “I felt it was more of an everyday romantic comedy rather than the fantastical and genre-specific rom-coms we often see nowadays. I chose this project because I believe it carries an ambiance that viewers have been missing and longing for.”

jeon jong seo wedding impossible
Credit: tvN
jeon jong seo wedding impossible
Credit: tvN

Describing her character Na Ah Jung, Jeon said, “She’s someone viewers will gradually find themselves cheering for.” Explaining that she uncovered many aspects that will stir up the audience’s support, she went on, “Ah Jung’s charm is her honesty with her emotions, and I’ve centered my performance around that aspect.”

Jeon shared her excitement about the character’s styling, “This time, unlike previous works, I grew out my hair and tried various styles. Even with simple clothes, I matched items like mini bags and eco bags to bring out Ah Jung’s unique cute charm.”

Pouring tremendous effort into every detail, from her hair down to her toes, Jeon expressed her happiness: “I’m so thrilled to be doing my first TV drama with ‘Wedding Impossible,'” showcasing her deep affection for the work and character. Concluding her statement, Jeon hopes that “the energy we captured in this laughter-filled atmosphere will resonate with the viewers.”

Meanwhile, Wedding Impossible premieres on February 26th at 8:50 PM KST on tvN.

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