‘So Not Worth it’: Netflix’s First Sitcom Revealed Chucklesome Poster and Trailer

Credit: NetflixNetflix unveiled the main poster and trailer for a highly anticipated sitcom, So Not Worth it.

So Not Worth it �is a youthful sitcom about a group of students with various multicultural backgrounds residing at a college dorm in Seoul. The show explores their friendship, love, and laughter.

A research assistant, Se Wan, who has top-tier economical sense, enforces personal fines at the dorm. Jamie is a man who has the looks that could melt all the girls’ hearts in the school. Sam is the naughty and haughty youngest student in the dorm who is just unhateable. Moreover, fashionista Minnie is a girl who watches so many Korean TV shows that she can even speak Korean with a Northern accent. And Hyun Min is a Korean from Incheon City who pretends to be a foreigner to live in an international dorm. Furthermore, Hans is a strict and disciplined man who gives an exception to himself. Carson is the one with the mind of a condescending old man. And lastly, Terris is an arrogant casanova.

All these foreigners speak better Korean than Koreans living in the country. And the funny moments, which the multicultural students will make, is drawing the attention to the show. The global audience is looking forward to watching the show created by the legendary crew who produced Nonstop and High Kick!.

So Not Worth it will premiere on June 18th on Netflix.


Source: Netflix

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