Rosé Shares Her Thoughts on the Results of Her Solo Album

Credit: ELLE

Rosé is on the cover of the fashion magazine ELLE June 2021.

The main goal of the photoshoot was to capture Rosé’s fierce yet lovely side. Most of the questions asked during the interview after the shooting were about her solo project, which had finished successfully. Her solo album R scored over 500,000 sales in preorders. Plus, the album’s title track, “On The Ground,” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200.

Regarding the achievements, Rosé shared, “Frankly, I feel embarrassed. It was my first solo album. I noticed the mistakes I made. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the enormous love I received.” “If I ever have another opportunity, I feel like I’ll be able to be relaxed more and have fun,” she added.

Credit: ELLE

“When I listen to music, I try to understand the emotions and story that the artist is trying to convey. On the same note, I hope that I deliver the message of my songs well. That’s the kind of artist I wanna be,” she continued, revealing her aspirations as an artist.

She was also asked how she feels about having a successful career as a BLACKPINK member and a solo artist. “If I’m satisfied with my final work, I think that’s success in itself. That’s why I can enjoy the future without feeling pressured by the word ‘success’.”

Credit: ELLE

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