If Na In Woo Hadn’t Join the Series, ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Would Have a Totally Different Ending

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In all, River Where the Moon Rises started and ended with Na In Woo. Since he joined the production, the screenplay for the final episode changed completely.

River Where the Moon Rises reinterpreted Princess Pyeonggang and General On Dal’s story in Goguryeo’s tales. And the series originally planned to strictly follow the tale and give a big finale with On Dal’s death. However, the final episode showed a happily ever when Na In Woo, who survived the attack, reunited with Kim So Hyun.

An official shared, “When Ji Soo was in, the ending was On Dal’s death. But when Na In Woo joined, the ending changed.”

Credit: KBS

The main reason behind this revision is people’s keen interest in the show since Na In Woo newly joined the team. On top of that, River Where the Moon Rises was sold to 190 countries, and these countries’ anticipations and requests were reflected in the ending.

Moreover, the final episode isn’t the only episode where the scripts have been revised. Since the re-filming started, the entire screenplay has been modified to fit Na In Woo better. An official added, “We added new lines, and the writer fixed the entire script for Na In Woo.”

There is no exaggeration in saying that River Where the Moon Rises was completely reborn the moment Na In Woo was chosen as Ji Soo’s replacement. This is also why the cast is saying that “director Yoon Sang Ho and heroine Kim So Hyun literally filmed two projects.”

Meanwhile, Victory Contents, River Where the Moon Rises production company, filed a lawsuit against KeyEast for partial damages.


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  • It would have been nice if Na In Woo had starred in the drama from the beginning … but as I had seen 6 episodes with starring Ji Su, I was comparing the actors to each other and I think despite the false and dirty rumors against Ji Soo, it would be better not to change the main lead…and the drama would be much better with Ji Soo playing to the end.
    As for the drama end, I also prefer happy ending (though it is not in line with the historical facts)…

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