Suzy is Featured on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s May Issue

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Korea
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Korea

To be released on April 20th, Harper’s Bazaar released its May edition with Suzy. The theme was ‘Suzy, she who has a face of a girl next door and an all-around actress.’

The photoshoot included Suzy’s unique charms, as she is elegant yet easygoing and chic yet playful. She even took several shots without any makeup, reminding everyone of when she had just debuted. The three different versions of the magazine cover also caught the eyes, with each a different backdrop. Ranging from a simple pair of denim to fancy bomber jackets, Suzy proved herself as a master of photoshoots by looking good in all of the looks.

In the interview, she talked about greeting the 11th year since her debut. “It still feels like yesterday. I can’t believe that all those times have passed. I wonder how I can spend my time in the future rather than lingering around my past,” she said. She also talked about her song, “oh, lover.” “About a year ago, I suddenly got the inspiration of its melody while strumming chords on the guitar. Images of bright and dreamy colors floated around in my head as I repeated them. I could feel my heart flutter, so I wanted to express how it feels like to fall in love. And I wanted to express it as cheesy as possible, so I wrote the lyrics in English instead of Korean to make them easy and straightforward,” she explained.

She answered whether she watched her previous works like Architecture 101, a movie that comes to mind every spring, “I don’t look it up on purpose, but it feels very new when I look at myself in the photos from the time. There are a certain freshness and clarity that I can’t recreate now. It is precious to me because it holds the unique and natural complexion that was only there in those days.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Korea

She further explained how she restores herself when life hits hard, “I used to pretend to be cheerful, but now that doesn’t work very well. I accept it when I’m in a struggle. That’s how I restore the power to move on without being caught up in a bad mood. I always consider that now is the most important time. Life is too short to worry about what has already happened or what has not come yet.”

When asked how she would like to lead her life in the future, she replied, “I think everyone has their rhythm.” She elaborated, “I want to go on my way without being swept away by my surroundings. I want to focus on what I like. My life is mine, not anyone else’s.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Korea

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