Kim Kang Woo Says He Tried to Depict Romance With Seo Ye Ji in ‘Recalled’ Despite it Being a Thriller

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In a press conference for Recalled held on April 13th, Kim Kang Woo opened up about his feelings for the film. Director Seo Yoo Min and Kim Kang Woo attended the event while Seo Ye Ji didn’t. To clarify, the actress reportedly refused to show up as she was involved in a scandal with Kim Jung Hyun.

Acting a married couple with Seo Ye Ji in the movie, Kim Kang Woo started by saying, “Although it is a thriller film, I tried to add some romance into the scene.” He added, “I hope viewers can treat the romance as a sort of appendix to the thriller. It’d be great if you kept an eye out for the melodrama.”

The actor also said that “movies are best when watched in cinemas. Therefore, I hope that our film will be the spark that lights up the Korean film industry.”

Credit: CJ CGV

Kim Kang Woo’s role as Lee Ji Hoon is a two-faced character. While he seems like an endeavoring husband to his wife Soo Jin (Seo Ye Ji), he remains suspicious. “My focus was not on the ambiguity of the character. Instead, I wanted to portray Ji Hoon’s different sides in each scene faithfully,” he said. In the film, Soo Jin doubts Ji Hoon. The viewers naturally join in questioning him after seeing how he sees Soo Jin.

Kim Jang Woo explained, “I thought the audience would watch the movie from Soo Jin’s perspective. I had to portray a devoted husband in the beginning, as written in the script. It was hard to make a particular gaze that implies his darker side behind the soft eyes. It was hard to keep up with the pace. Since this is my first time watching the movie today, I feel like I could have done a better job.”

When questioned about the most challenging shooting, he answered, “Everything was difficult. I knew the entire plot after reading the script. So I was worried that my eyes would foretell what would happen in the movie. I was anxious and worried about each and every scene.”


Recalled is a mystery thriller film which follows the heroine, Soo Jin. After losing her memory, she begins to see the future. She faces shocking revelations about her husband Ji Hoon as she unravels the puzzles of her memories. The movie will be available in theaters from the 21st.


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