‘Beyond Evil’ Yeo Jin Goo Reveals “Shin Ha Kyun’s Sense of Humor is Adorable” 

Credit: JTBC

Actor Yeo Jin Goo shared his feelings upon bringing an end to Beyond Evil.

JTBC’s Beyond Evil is a psychological thriller that depicts two men chasing after a vicious incident from 21 years ago. Yeo Jin Goo takes on Han Joo Won’s role, a newcomer of Manyang who tracks down the truth. He worked with Shin Ha Kyun, who plays Lee Dong Sik. Shin’s character is a man who turned into a monster to find out the real culprit behind his sister’s death.

Yeo Jin Goo received great responses, as the actor transformed himself into a cold and indifferent character, unlike those in his previous works.

“Many people told me that I’m not like the Jin Goo they know. I would then ask what changed about me. Luckily, their responses were positive, so I’m grateful for that.”


He also revealed the reason why he chose Beyond Evil.

“When I look through scripts, I see how different the character is to my usual self. In Han Joo Won’s case, he has a distinct personality and lifestyle from mine. In fact, I think he has the opposite side of all roles I’ve played. Therefore, I had many things to keep in mind to portray the character out of my comfort zone. The thinking process became the motivation for me to try different acting techniques as an actor.”

Yeo Jin Goo mainly focused on Han Joo Won’s change in character before and after episode 8.

“The eighth episode divides the first and second act as their midpoint. Hence, I paid attention to the change in Joo Won and Dong Sik’s relationship and how the speech and actions from the first episode alter in the final episode. The main concern was how I could develop Han Joo Won’s mood while still maintaining his original character.”

In the last episode, Lee Dong Sik reunites with Han Joo Won in a year. He says, “Joo Won. Eat well, sleep well, and poop well,” to which Han Joo Won replies with a smile, “Don’t speak casually with me.”

“I thought that was the most Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo Won-like relationship. Lee Dong Sik’s line to Joo Won was very touching. And even till the end, Joo Won sounds salty. That was very Han Joo Won of him. Expressing the emotions when Joo Won looks at Dong Sik at the end was rather challenging. The real me would run to Dong Sik and hug him, but Joo Won is a cool guy who walks his goes his way.”

Credit: JTBC

Shin Ha Kyun and Yeon Jin Goo’s powerful emotions were why Beyond Evil was enjoyable to watch.

“Reading the script, I couldn’t wait to see how Ha Kyun would portray Lee Dong Sik. It was also new to have him constantly inspire me as Lee Dong Sik on set. His performance had a lot of influence on me, setting the tone of Han Joo Won. He was not Lee Dong Sik for me.”

Yeo Jin Goo spent the most time with Shin Ha Kyun on set.

“He would joke around a lot and often make me laugh. I don’t know if I should say this, but he’s adorable. (Laughs) He brightened the atmosphere, not with his outward appearances, but because you can see how cute and awesome he is when he’s next to you. Thanks to his sense of humor, we had a lot of fun while filming.”


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