‘Wonderland’ Drops Captivating First Stills Spotlighting Star-Studded Cast

wonderland korean movie
wonderland korean movie
Credit: ACEMAKER Movieworks

The much-anticipated film Wonderland, starring Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik, has just released its first series of promotional stills, ramping up excitement for its upcoming debut. Set to premiere on June 5th, Wonderland provides a narrative where the deceased can be revived through an AI-powered video call service.

The newly released stills offer a poignant glimpse into the emotional journeys of the characters. Tang Wei’s character, Bairi, is seen employing the “Wonderland” service to shield her young daughter from the reality of her death. The images trace Bairi’s happier times with her daughter in the past to her busy life as an archaeologist in the “Wonderland” realm, and her pensive stare at a fire in the desert. Her expressions hint at the emotional turmoil of someone reconstructed through AI.

wonderland korean movie
Credit: ACEMAKER Movieworks

On the other hand, Suzy’s character, Jung In, displays deep longing as she gazes at her comatose boyfriend, Tae Ju, played by Park Bo Gum. Through the “Wonderland” service, she is able to connect with the digital version of Tae Ju, leading to an emotional reunion when he miraculously awakens. However, the gap between the virtual and real Tae Ju is felt, foreshadowing the cracks between the idealized digital world and reality.

wonderland korean movie
Credit: ACEMAKER Movieworks

Lastly, the stills introduce Jung Yu Mi’s character, Ha Ri, a senior planner who has grown up interacting with AI parents and now designs experiences for “Wonderland” users. Choi Woo Shik plays Hyun Soo, a rookie planner who stumbles upon a family secret while servicing clients. Their nuanced portrayals promise to add a layer of lighthearted camaraderie to the film while exploring the line between the digital and physical worlds.

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Source: ACEMAKER Movieworks

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