[PICK] New Korean Movies Coming Out In 2021 & 2022

Credit: Next Entertainment World

The Movie Business division of media conglomerate NEW revealed a lineup for upcoming works. Eleven total works are presented, including works that are past their production stage, ready to premiere. The lineup also introduces pieces that recently caught the public’s attention with its cast members.

NEW’s movie business department newly arranged its organization into Content Strategy Planning HQ and Distribution Strategy Planning HQ. The company sought changes according to the climates of new media through planning, investment, production, and distribution. It also signed a long-term equity investment agreement with Library Pictures International, a Hollywood investment company. Amid the changing times after COVID-19, we look forward to whether the upcoming works of popular actors and production crew will bring life back to the theatre industry.


1. Hostage

Credit: Next Entertainment World

This movie depicts the unprecedented incident where a famous actor is abducted at the center of Korea. Blurring the boundary between fiction and reality, Hwang Jung Min plays the kidnapped actor Hwang Jung Min. In the reality-thriller, he gets kidnapped in the early morning with no evidence left behind nor witnesses. Director Pil Gam Sung stated, “I hope this movie comes as a rollercoaster that is surprising, enjoyable, and thrilling. It will be fun for viewers to both empathize with and watch the protagonist. Especially in a situation where the distinction between fiction and non-fiction is unclear.”


2. Special Delivery

Credit: Next Entertainment World

A crime action film that unfolds as Eun Ha gets embroiled in an unforeseen event. The character is a driver who fast-delivers anything with a success rate of 100%. Park So Dam will demonstrate action scenes as she acts as the driver with exceptional driving skills. “You will be able to see how awesome Park So Dam’s stunts are,” states director Park Dae Min as he adds, “please look forward to the action scenes and the close bonds between characters as they run towards a goal.”


3. Not the Lips (literal title)

Credit: Next Entertainment World

Illustrated by this film is a story of those whose lives and works are complicated as they get entangled in bizarre romances. It is the first full-length movie to be directed by actress Jo Eun Ji. Earlier, she won the Jury’s Special Award from the 2017 Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival for her short film, 2 Nights 3 Days. Director Jo Eun Ji explained, “It’s a comedy that captures the process of various characters experiencing growth from different relationships. Hopefully, the interaction between characters who are full of personalities will create laughter.” The work stars Ryu Seung Ryong, Oh Na Ra, Kim Hee Won, Lee Yoo Young, Sung Yoo Bin, Moo Jin Sung, and more.


4. Hello, My Soulmate

Credit: Next Entertainment World

It is a story about the soulmate we all once had back then, with whom we shared our friendship, breakup, and love. Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Nee, and Byeon Woo Seok become the radiant youths in the film as they capture Jeju Island’s beautiful scenery and their sincerity that overcomes generations. “It’s about finally realizing who they are through each other, after going in circles for a long time. Please look forward to the special friendship between the women who are subtle yet strong,” director Min Yong Geun urged.


5. Handsome Guys

Credit: Next Entertainment World

Lee Sung Min and Lee Hee Joon play the two lead characters of this scary yet funny comedy work. The plot unfolds as the village and cabin’s myth comes to life when the two move to the mountain cabin. With unforgettable first appearances, these men call themselves ‘Handsome Guys.’ Director Nam Dong Hyub stated, “Though shamelessly funny, the movie reveals how genuine and serious the two men are. You will be able to enjoy a different kind of fun in the message that points out the prejudices and misunderstandings related to outward appearances.”


6. The Witch: Part 2

Credit: Next Entertainment World

It is a sequel to The Witch: Part 1, The Subversion. The movie deals with a girl who awakes from the huge secret lab and those who chase after her. An audition-winning Rookie actress Shin Si Ah will play the film’s main character. Along with existing cast members Jo Min Su and Kim Da Mi, expectations are rising as Lee Jong Suk, Park Eun Bin, Seo Eun Joo, Jin Goo, and Sung Yoo Bin will be newly joining. Director Park Hoon Jung detailed, “It is a work that allows people to face human nature through a transcendence being. I hope it will be a pleasant gift to fans who anticipated the sequel, as they will be able to take a step further into the universe.”


  • New Films Going into Production

Credit: Warner Bros Pictures, Showbox, Lotte Entertainment, JINJIN Pictures

7. Smugglers

It is a work that became the talk of the town only with the news of its cast members, including Kim Hye Soo, Yum Jung Ah, Jo In Sung, and Park Jung Min. With a small, peaceful seaside village of the 70s as its background, the film depicts the story of two women who get involved in smuggling. Director Ryu Seung Wan plans to fiercely portray the risky smuggling operation that happens upon the vast sea.

8. High Five (literal title)

Director Kang Hyeong Cheol, the master of storytelling, will come back to the world of supernatural powers. High Five (working title) draws the story of five novice heroes who coincidentally happened to get superpowers as they meet those who yearn after their abilities. Lee Jae In, Yoo Ah In, Ahn Jae Hong, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Hee Won, and Oh Jung Se will make their appearances in the film.

9. Honest Candidate 2

As a follow-up for Honest Candidate, previous cast members, including Ra Mi Ran, Kim Mu Yeol, Yoon Kyung Ho, and director Jang Yoo Jung, will return. The sequel will focus on Joo Sang Sook’s story, the owner of the mouth of truth, as she hopes to return to politics.

10. The Land of Happiness (literal title)

The story of a lawyer who tries their best to save a figure caught up in an incident that shook modern history to its core. It is a new movie by Choo Chang Min, the film director that recorded 10 million viewers, Masquerade. As Jo Jung Suk plays the role of the lawyer Jung In Hoo, he will be making a bold impression than he did before.

11. The Owl

It is a thriller film that lays out the overnight incident that happened inside the palace. It depicts Kyung Soo’s story, a blind acupuncturist with a gifted talent, as he finds out about the forbidden secret of the king. Choi Min Sik will play the king, and Ryu Jun Ryeol will become Kyung Soo, the acupuncturist. Ahn Tae Jin, who previously was the assistant director of The King & The Clown, will grab the megaphone.


Source: NEW

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