[Weekly Up & Down] Entertainment Industry Is Tainted with Distorting History and Disparaging Remarks

‘Joseon Exorcist’ Canceled Its Production After Two Episodes Due to Historical Inaccuracy

Credit: SBS

SBS’s Joseon Exorcist has been embroiled in controversy over historical inaccuracy. And the production canceled the show after two episodes. In the first episode aired on the 22nd, Chinese food appeared when Prince Chungnyung treated Marco. Then King Taejong was seen slaughtering his people, which is far from the historical fact. Soon, combined with the new “China’s Northeast Project,” Joseon Exorcist sparked a heated debate over historical distortion. Starting with Jang Dong Yoon, actors including Park Sung Hoon, Kam Woo Sung, and Lee Yu Bi made apologies. Joseon Exorcist director Shin Kyung Soo also released his statement, saying, “I am the one who’s responsible for all decisions and choices related to the content of the drama.” Screenwriter Park Gye Ok also issued an apology.


“Scar of a lifetime” Seo Shin Ae Admits that She was the Victim of Soojin’s School Bullying

Credit: Dain Entertainment, iMBC

Seo Shin Ae raised her voice regarding the school violence rumor surrounding her. On the 26th, Seo took her Instagram to admit that Soojin bullied her for two years when they attended middle school. On February 20th, Soojin’s school bullying allegations surfaced online. And at the time, the internet suspected Seo Shin Ae as the victim of Soojin’s bullying.

Soojin later refuted all claims and asked Seo Shin Ae to give a straight answer. But as Seo Shin Ae claimed that what Soojin did was “one-sided insults,” Soojin now faces a backlash. Seo Shin Ae courageously wrote about the difficulties she endured. “For two years, the person who mentioned me constantly shared groundless insults and personal attacks about me. … But these words have left deep scars in my heart and remained in me to this day. And I started to develop a fear of people. That fear became trauma, turned me into an introverted person, and became a significant hindrance for entering high school.”


People Are Demanding Cancelation of ‘Snowdrop’ in Fear of Demilishing Democratic Movement

Credit: JTBC

More people are demanding the cancelation of JTBC’s upcoming drama Snowdrop, set to premiere in the latter half of this year. Suspicions of disparaging democracy and justifying dictatorships have angered prospective viewers. JTBC stated, “Snowdrop is a black comedy that satirizes the presidential election amid a face-off between North and South Korea with the military government of the 80s. Furthermore, it is a melodrama between young men and women who suffered the chaotic era.” They also added, “The drama does not include such controversial content. It also has nothing to do with the producers’ intentions.” However, people got even angrier with the statement as the network failed to explain the parts adequately they are worrying about. Moreover, the fact the information only stresses “producers’ intention” and uses “black comedy” for the pro-democracy movement has caused even more violent reactions.


Park Na Rae Is Under Fire for Her Sexually Harassing Remarks


Park Na Rae was heavily under fire for her over-the-line remarks. Recently, Park Na Rae started the web show “Hey Na Rae” with YouTuber Hey Jini. And the recent episode caused a sexual harassment issue over her inappropriate remarks and action reminiscent of genitals. As the criticisms became more heated, the production team decided to cancel “Hey Na Rae.” Park Na Rae also took her Instagram to apologize. She issued an apology letter and wrote, “I have received so much love over the years… I can only apologize to those who trusted and supported me.” Since then, more and more people are demanding her exit from her representative show I Live Alone.


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