NU’EST to Release First Full-Album After 7 Years

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

NU’EST will make their comeback with their first full-album after 7 years.

According to Pledis Entertainment, NU’EST is currently working on a new album with the goal of making their comeback in April.

NU’EST’s most recent album was The Nocturne, their eighth mini-album released in May 2020. So this will be their return to the K-pop scene in about a year. In particular, their new album is expected to be a full-album, raising expectations. The last full-album Re:BIRTH was released seven years ago in 2014.

Prior to their comeback, NU’EST plans to greet fans with a special event marking the 9th anniversary of their debut on March 15.

Since debuting with the song “FACE,” NU’EST has released a number of hit songs and gained worldwide popularity with their colorful charms.


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