[PICK] Supporting Characters Who Ended Up as Your Bias: Actors w/ Their Best Performances

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Yoo Hyang

They say ‘the society does not care about seconds,’ but that is not the case for dramas. Supporting characters are often found to captivate viewers with their performances as impressive as the main characters. From a reliable helper to a charismatic villain, and a fiery enemy, these actors managed to mean more than a supporting character to viewers, and even became their ‘ultimate biases.’ Hence, let us introduce actors who have proudly grown into leading roles.

Seo Ji Hye ” Don’t Dare to Dream, Crash Landing on You

Credit: SBS, tvN

After debuting in 2002 and has been active since Seo Ji Hye is widely loved for her stable acting skill. Hong Hye Won from Don’t Dare to Dream, among her other characters, is one many fans still remember to this day. The intelligent and refined announcer caught the eyes as she did not hesitate to curse out others and weirdly satisfied the viewers as she remained unrelenting in front of others. Seo Dan from Crash Landing on You also cannot go unmentioned. She appeared as the best elite in Pyongyang who is both beautiful and talented, forming an odd rivalry with Yoon Se Ri as Ri Jeong Hyuk’s fiancé. The actress added fun and tension as the story unfolded, drawing attention to her relationship with Gu Seung Jun. Viewers gave huge love to the cute and sloppy character contrary to the cold image that she has shown so far.


Kim Ji Won ” The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun

Credit: SBS, KBS

Kim Ji Won played her first villain role through The Heirs’ Yoo Rachel. As ‘the Paris Hilton of Jeguk High,’ Yoo Rachel is a figure who makes biting remarks behind her doll-like appearance. Though Kim Ji Won played the character who was pressured in various ways, she led the popularity of the drama by delicately presenting Yoo Rachel’s chilling charisma as well as her internalized loneliness. Yoon Myung Joo of Descendants of the Sun is a character that made Kim Ji Won known as a prominent actress beyond a supporting actress. While appearing as a flawless military officer, she showed her chemistry with Jin Goo as they demonstrated a romance as sweet as the Song-Song couple. The actress was able to embody Yoon Myung Joo well, someone who is confident and reckless in love yet at the same time, affectionate.


Kim So Yeon ” Iris, The Penthouse: War in Life

Credit: KBS, SBS

Though Kim So Yeon took a long period of hiatus after being loved as a teenager through Change and Soonpoong Clinic, she rose again in 2009 through Iris. The actress played North Korea’s elite agent, Kim Seon Hwa, not only showing unrelenting action scenes but also portraying precise emotions of loving her enemy Kim Hyeon Jun. Thanks to this passionate performance of hers, the show recorded viewer ratings of more than 30% and was acclaimed as a series that rediscovered Kim So Yeon for the second era of her heyday. Her presence in the currently airing The Penthouse: War in Life is also phenomenal. As a villain who takes any means and methods to satisfy her desires, Cheon Seo Jin is enrapturing the viewers with her exhilarating performances. It was especially impressive when she illustrated the extreme evilness of Cheon Seo Jin as she hysterically played the piano after killing her father in season 1.


Lee Da Hee ” The Beauty Inside, Search: WWW

Credit: JTBC, tvN

Lee Da Hee has mainly played the ‘girl-crush’ character, causing many drama fans to fall into love with her supporting characters. It is not a stretch to say that her role as Kang Sa Ra from The Beauty Inside is one that allowed Lee Da Hee to be where she is now. Kang Sa Ra became the bias of many as a seeming arrogant but actually warm-hearted, airline executive as her visuals and acting skills blended in nicely. She also provided pleasant laughter with her odd yet confident act of going up to her lover Eun Ho’s house and saying “Please give me your son.” Cha Hyun of Search: WWW was also a well-suiting character for her. The head of Baro’s social division, Cha Hyun, received support from female views as she was portrayed to be somewhere in between strength and cuteness. She added tension to the show by going against Lim Soo Jung and Jeon Hye Jin, and with the refreshing romance with Lee Jae Wook, she ultimately sweetened up the somewhat awkward atmosphere of the drama.


Yoo In Na ” My Love from the Star, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Credit: SBS, tvN

Yoo In Na often received viewers’ attention as the main character’s best friend. Despite being Cheon Song Yi’s bestie who acted with her since a young age, Yoo Se Mi from My Love from the Star added to the tension of the show as she did not merely remain as a good character, but a deceiving and betraying one. Yoo In Na not only embodies Yoo Se Mi as a jealous character but completes her as a multi-dimensional character who cannot be only hated by depicting her inner dilemma and guilt. Her most impressive supporting character so far would be Sunny from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Yoo In Na was loved by many, appearing as a quirky owner of a chicken shop and appearing along with the grim reaper, Lee Dong Wook, as a couple. Whilst she drew unexpected laughter with her eccentric words and actions at times, she depicted the warmth as a good sister that cared for Kim Go Eun, who was a part-timer. She also touched viewers’ hearts while skillfully characterizing the sadness after it was revealed in the second half that she was Kim Sun in her previous life, the younger sister of goblin Gong Yoo.

Editor Hwang Hong Sun: A Korean movie buff who wishes that the warm messages in good works will warm up this world at least by one degree Fahrenheit

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