Few Things You Have to Know to Properly Enjoy the World of ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’

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Sisyphus: The Myth is gaining public attention with its unique universe which allows one to move through time and space by phase shifting. As the secret of the hidden world rose to the surface, it was revealed that everything began with the genius engineer Han Tae Sul (Cho Seung Woo) shaking his own life with the butterfly effect. With each piece of the mystery being put together, let’s have a look at the main settings that should help us better understand the universe.

Credit: JTBC


The time machine which was invented in 2021. The phase shift through the quantum transmission of polymeric compounds introduced by Han Tae Sul at the ‘Quantum & Time’ conference is the foundation to the ‘uploader.’ To explain how the uploader works, it is like a fax that scans the information of objects in a place and sends them to another. As a time-loop is possible, Kang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye) has repeatedly crossed over to the present in an uploader to prevent Han Tae Sul from developing an uploader at all, and so protect the world. Such is written in the diary she brought with her.


If an uploader sends you from the future to the present, the device that receives what is sent from the future from the present is a ‘downloader.’ Its probability of succeeding is extremely low as it is still at an unstable stage. Errors often occur on the way as people go through abnormal changes or die. This is why the sniper at the Busan conference who aimed at Tae Sul had an odd appearance.

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Those who come from the future to the present are called ‘smugglers.’ Kang Seo Hae, Han Tae San, Asia Mart’s boss Park, and his employees all live in hiding as they have not been invited. These people all come in fairly simple clothing when they cross over, and this is to reduce the possibility of an error of the downloader by minimizing information values. If they share a common feature, it’s that they all bring a black suitcase. In it contains each of their items which helps them achieve the purpose of returning to the present.

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The Bureau of Enforcement

The reason why smugglers have to be on the run as soon as they arrive is because of Section 7 of the Foreigner department from the Immigration Office. Also called ‘Bureau of Enforcement,’ they control illegal smugglers. As society became chaotic due to an increased amount of people who jumps from the future to the present, they arrest and handle illegal smugglers in order to maintain public order. Even those who have contacted the illegal smugglers are under their radar. Once caught by the Bureau of Enforcement, it’s hard for one to return home alive.

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Whilst there are people chasing after smugglers, there are others who help them. This is Asia Mart’s boss Park, who calls himself an ‘unofficial embassy.’ He is a sort of a ‘broker’ who helps smugglers come through without a connection to settle down in the area by keeping them out of the Bureau of Enforcement. Of course, nothing is free in the world. He calculates and makes sure to get his interests upon interests upon interests, and even claims that the items brought by the smugglers belong to him.


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