Brave Girls ‘Rollin’’ Making a Comeback as the Song Tops Chart in Four Years

Credit: Brave Entertainment

Brave Girls’ song “Rollin’” has been making a miraculous comeback as it topped the real-time music charts on the 27th.

The “Rollin’” craze began in a video posted by a YouTuber and continued to hit the charts nonstop. The ranking continued to rise until it entered the top of various music charts in the afternoon of the 27th. The popularity of the song was proven as it ranked No.1 of Bugs Music.

As an EDM song released back in March 2017, “Rollin’” contains cheerful uptempo beats that are combined with the genre of tropical house. It has previously been evaluated as one of the most addictive songs ever since its release, as members’ refreshing vocals sing the catchy chorus.

Credit: Brave Entertainment

Brave Girls, who celebrated their fifth anniversary on the 16th of last month, ranked first on the music chart after four years after the song’s release. Members also wrote on their personal SNS accounts saying that it all felt surreal. “Our No. 1 feels like a dream,” they wrote, “We celebrated our 5th anniversary a few days ago, and now we won our first No. 1 place. Thank you.”

People also commented on online communities and under the video that they wanted to see the team again on music shows. “I hope you can break through charts and be re-invited to music programs like EXID’s “Up and Down.” The possibility of Brave Girls’ official comeback on music programs is yet to be awaited.

Credit: Brave Entertainment

As Brave Girls are rewriting the history of ‘climbing back on charts,’ attention is focused on how they will use this opportunity, moving on.


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